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“Freaky Meat – who or what is Freaky Meat? Well, take two members of the now defunct Tutts, throw in a dangerously funky bass player …and then add performance poet Shane Hollands. How did these guys ever meet each other? This is one of the unlikeliest liaisons – in a musical sense – that you’re ever likely to find but like a few lucky, unlikely unions, this one actually works rather well.”
John Brinkman, Groove Guide

Combine elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Metal with beat-speak vocal styles inspired by Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart and you get Auckland-based Beatspeak Innovators: Freaky Meat.

Their performance will captivate you with mesmerizing narratives of the life, travels and the strange experiences of front man, beat-poet Shane Hollands, drawing from his most diverse adventures both real and visionary.

The band showcases the sophisticated musical styles of accomplished musicians John McNab (guitar), Rod Redgrave (Percussion), and Julian Pettitt (bass), who create the intricately developed sonic backdrops that weave throughout the words to move your brain and your feet.

Freaky Meat formed in 2003 meeting and forming one night at Auckland’s now vanished ‘Jazz Bar’

In 2015 Freaky Meat headlined for the second time at The Oamaru Jazz Festival and featured at The Davies Bay Music Festival.

Playing live on Kiwi FM’s 31 Bands in a Box and on BFM Drive, Freaky Meat have also been a part ofThe Titirangi Festival of Music, The Oamaru Jazz  Festival and Prana New Year’s Festival, Coromandel.

They have toured extensively around NZ, playing every major city from Auckland to Invercargil and supported Canadian band Ocean Full Of Fins on their the north Island leg of their national tour.

Reviews for their album ‘Delicatessen’ :
“[Delicatessen] presents a collection of poems that range from finely nuanced wordcraft to beat-style stream-of-consciousness narratives…covering a diverse range of styles; jazz, funk, rock and even metal all knitted together by the high quality of its musical ideas and musicianship. Standout tracks include ‘The Lament of Paris’…’Stolen Kisses’, and ‘My Poetry Is An Alcoholic Pitbull’ – a clever piece of writing”John Brinkman, Groove Guide

‘Poetry in musical motion…Highlights include Zombie Xmas Hams and My Poetry Is An Alcoholic Pit Bull In A Bad Mood’Ania Glowacz, NZ Musician Magazine

‘HLAH + Sam Hunt’Graham Reid, Elsewher