‘Late Night Kebab’, ‘The Lament of Paris’ and ‘Delicatessen’ are available
in digital format from:


‘Delicatessen’ plus limited copies of ‘Monkey Shines’ and ‘Late Night Kebab’ are also available in physical form by CONTACTING US here

Reviews for ‘Delicatessen’:

“[Delicatessen is] full of twists and turns, and moves seamlessly between jazz, rock and funk, reminding me sometimes of Howard Shore’s score for the movie of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch… if you like to delve a bit deeper into your music and are prepared to think of this more as poetry set to music then I think you’d better give this album a listen”
– Alistar Wickens, Muzic.net.nz

“[Delicatessen] presents a collection of poems that range from finely nuanced wordcraft to beat-style stream-of-consciousness narratives…covering a diverse range of styles; jazz, funk, rock and even metal all knitted together by the high quality of its musical ideas and musicianship.  Standout tracks include ‘The Lament of Paris’, a wistful tale of love unrequited, the tender ‘Stolen Kisses’, and ‘My Poetry Is An Alcoholic Pitbull’ – a clever piece of writing”
– John Brinkman, Groove Guide (Issue 382, September 2011)

Freaky Meat toured ‘Delicatessen’ around NZ in November 2011